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The Main Street Electrical Podcast: A Disney Podcast

Nov 17, 2022

In the 131st episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave are excited to talk all about Pixar movies!  First, both lament about the upcoming winter, and then more about the upcoming Disney group trip.

Then, they clear up the latest in the "Disney Ticket Increase", and explain whats what in the misleading headlines. Guardians Holiday kicks off soon, Starcruiser wins an award, and more guest behaving stupidly.

Then, Jenn & Dave look at the 26 Pixar movies that have been released, with Dave having seen all of them, and Jenn having seen 21 of the 26, they both start at 20 and rank their Pixar movies all the way to number one. Lots of crossover, lots of discussion on how Covid affected films, and how "Soul" might be the biggest movie loss in the pandemic.

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