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The Main Street Electrical Podcast: A Disney Podcast

Dec 2, 2021

In the 81st episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave finally have the band back together -- well, the two of them, anyway. 

Light on news, just quickly discussing a possible new Harry Potter area in the upcoming Universal Epic Universe... Finding Nemo getting a new name... some slight hope for Candlelight Professional viewers... and what is up with Annual Passes??

Finally, Jenn gives her update on her trip with Rock Star Agent Kyla, as they spent a weekend in Puerto Vallarta -- the recap includes Day-Glo

Then, d$ gives his recap of his big family week a WDW, first with the crowds, using Genie+ all week, utilizing the DAS Pass - especially in conjunction with Genie+ - some allergy friendly places to eat in the parks, and a reminder of being good to your CMs.

Then, they both give their recommendations for what to use G+ for, what to skip it on, and which rides to rope drop.

Oh, and Mark McGrath in there too.